Opera 9 was released on 20th June, and it's got a load of new features to help make not only your browsing, but your entire Internet experience better.

BitTorrent client Edit

Opera can now access the BitTorrent file sharing protocol, to let users download almost anything directly from their browser. Just click a torrent link and Opera will download it directly.

Content blocker Edit

You can now 'block' certain types of content (like ads or images) by right-clicking on the web page.

Thumbnail preview Edit

This lets you see thumbnail previews of web pages in tabs when you've forgotten which tab your page is under. A very useful tool.

Widgets Edit

You can now download widgets (small Web applications) to make your Internet a bit more interesting. Download them or find out more at

Site preferences Edit

Your Opera preferences just got a whole lot more flexible. Now you can set preferences for individual sites, rather than just 'global' settings.

Download Opera 9 here!

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